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Thread: RAD-140 cycle

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    RAD-140 cycle

    A few days ago I finished my 2 month RAD-140 cycle. This was my first SARM cycle so I can't really compare it to any other SARM.

    For the first four weeks, it simply made my muscles more vascular. I noticed constant strength and muscle gains during the first 4 weeks but nothing really significant. Maybe I simply didn't notice how my look changed because others did notice and were commenting on my look.
    Anyway, I was seeing the best results during the last 2 weeks of my 2-month cycle. So I don't recommend to use it for less than 2 months to anyone. You would probably get the most benefits if you use it for 10 weeks.

    My results - I lost about 2kg of weight but also have gained some muscle mass I wasn't on a cutting diet but wasn't eating like a pig either. I was eating slightly above maintenance and my diet consisted of mostly clean foods. I found that RAD is pretty amazing for a recomp cycle.

    I'll do a small PCT because my libido feels lower now, but it's possible because I'm working hard for the last 2 weeks and my work is pretty stressful.

    I will also start using GHRP/GHRH while on PCT and after that maybe try some other sarm. I'm pretty interested in YK-11, would love to run a cycle of it to compare it to RAD-140.
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    From what I've been reading RAD-140 has great benefits and it's one of the best SARM's. I am thinking about trying it as well, for a recomposition cycle just like you. But when it shows effects better? On cutting or bulking cycle? If I were to bulk, how much muscle/strength I could gain on it?

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